What's Happening On The Farm


Where has the spring gone? Gray Arbor Farm was a whirl wind of activity this spring which has sent us flying into summer. In the winter months and to some degree in the summer and fall, we are able to prioritize the tasks of the day. Spring is a whole different animal. Everything is of equal importance and needs attention immediately. From hardening off our seedlings then planting them, getting the next round of succession seed trays started, prepping all annual beds, harvesting from our fall planted flowers, preparing for farmers market... we hit the ground running in April and we don't stop until the end of October. That is not to mention all the new perennials we have add this year, like our garden roses, hydrangeas and ornamental vines.  Plus we can't forget about all the dahlia tubers we have planted in May. There is so much excitement on the farm and we wouldn't have it any other way! This is our favorite time of year with all the new blooms popping up almost daily. The farm is changing constantly and we are so excited to share all of our blooms with you.